NITLE Prediction Markets

Make a prediction

Spend money (inkles) to express what you think will happen.


Wisdom of the crowd

Everyone's predictions are combined in to a single prediction.


Judgment time

Were you right or were you wrong about your prediction?

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Welcome to the NITLE Prediction Markets. Here we use a market system to learn about emergent practices in higher education, especially liberal education.

How it works: market stocks are predictions, hypotheses about unfolding events. Market traders (you!) assign value to them by buying and selling shares over time, playing the market based on what you know and learn about the world. No real money is involved—only the currency of collaborative intelligence. Futures markets have been used for years to leverage distributed knowledge to anticipate events. Please sign up to participate!

Because the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education helps liberal arts colleges integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology, our markets are similarly focused. Ideally, they help us explore possible futures for higher education, gain insight into how our organizations can plan for change, and also have fun!

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